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Commercial Renewable Energy

We at Generation Renewable – Guam know how hard it is to make money in this economy. That is why we are offering at no costs to commercial and business owners a free energy audit. Let us show you how to save money in your business.

In Guam, GPA is allowing commercial installations up to 100KW to be installed. This size system can reduce your energy costs, hedge the price of power for your business for the energy produced, while helping the world and Guam eliminate pollutants and reduce our dependence on oil.

Generation Renewable – Guam team of experts will also help your firm apply for finance and also apply for a 25% grant for the cost of the system through the USDA if your firm qualifies. At Generation Renewable – Guam, we are passionate about finding the right solution for our customers and we believe there is no substitute for quality.

Quality Products & Installation - The Generation Renewable – Guam difference

With all of the different technologies and products coming out of different countries all around the world, how do you know, the consumer, that you are getting the best possible system at the best possible price?

All of the information coming at you is confusing and overwhelming? Our team at Generation Renewable – Guam makes it simple; we are product agnostic. We only purchase and install the best products on the market today and have the best pricing advantage out there having over 33 years in the Electrical , Renewable Energy business.

Our solar power modules not only are the best on the market, they come with a full 25 year warranty. Our racking systems are the best on the market for Guam conditions and are rated for 175 MPH wind loads. Our Inverters are fully warranted for 12 years and are the top of the line. But the true testament to a great company is our installation team. All of our installers are fully trained. You are in good hands with Generation Renewable – Guam. Our systems are designed for to deliver maximum output year after year for the life of the system.

At Generation Renewable – Guam, we know time is of the essence, we are ordering supply on a constant basis so you do not have to wait for your installations, upon acceptance of contract your installation can be completed within 10 to 12 weeks.

Here is a look at a few of our Commercial Projects

Lower energy rates

Protect yourself from fluctuating energy rate increases. With clean renewable energy, you are saving the earth's valuable resources and saving money in the process. We guarantee to secure lower rates and predict your savings.

Provider you can trust

You will receive experienced, well qualified/certified designers and electricians Our team of experts will take care of your project from start to finish. Most professional installations are completed within 10-12 weeks.